Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scripture Power

Dear family,
I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference. Hopefully I will too. In Korea we watch it a week later so next week I will go to watch it, usually they have it in English as well, but since I am in a branch I wasn't sure. When I asked our wonderful ward missionary leader his reply was, "where would you watch it in English? I don't think they have it. That's okay, you don't really need it in English, right?" Heheheh. . . if only he were joking.
Anyway, on to happier things, this past week in church we focused a lot about the blessing of the scriptures and then during testimony meeting after everyone shared their testimonies and things that they did to help them with their scripture study they announced that there will be a new translation of the Bible in Korean. Yeah! Although it's not published by the church (due to copyright laws we can't make a translation for another 20 years or so) it will be nice. In Korean there are two different words for baptism by immersion and sprinkling and in the current edition it all says sprinkling (so it is John the Sprinkler instead of John the Baptist). In the new edition that will be changed. yeah! Closer and closer to the truth.
It made me think about how much the scriptures mean to me. I remember before my mission that I had a hard time staying awake at night to read for 15 minutes and I wondered how people could study for hours. Then for the first couple weeks or so at the MTC when suddenly I had an hour of study time it became the most precious time of the day. It was the time when I didn't have to think about anything else, when I could just read and read and feel the great spirit of the scriptures.
In my patriarchal blessing it tells me to make sure to read the scriptures and especially on the words of modern prophets (or something like that). For a long time I just took it to be something that every one's blessing says and didn't pay a lot of attention to it, but as I have spent more time studying the scriptures I have realized how much they mean to me. On my mission I have also gained a huge appreciation of the Engisn. A quirk I have developed is that every time I get it I can't put it down. It's like a spiritual addiction, and then suddenly when I finish I realize I am crying. It kind of made my companion worried and she thought I was having a really hard time, but I just look at her through my tears and said "it's just so GOOD".
I'm not suggesting that you should be as weird and obsessive as I am, but I do hope that each of you can look to the scriptures to find peace and direction and that spiritual boost that you need to get you through the day. I love you all, I love the scriptures and I know the Lord speaks to us through them.
As promised, the story of how Korea began (I can't remember names, sorry)
LONG LONG ago there was a bear and a tiger. They both really really wanted to be humans, so they went to the god of the earth and asked him how they could change. The god of the heavens and earth told them if they stayed in a cave for some exorbitant amount of time (30 years?) that they could have their hearts desires. So they both when in a cave and ate only garlic and leaves for a really long time. Except the tiger didn't make it, he left. The bear was the only one that could make it and then after the time was up the bear miraculous changed into a beautiful woman. She was so gorgeous that the son of the god of heavens and earth decided to take her for his wife. They had a baby and that baby is the first king/man of Korea (Dankun).
Funny huh? I love Korea. picture: I got new glasses!
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