Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's coming--not the war--CHRISTMAS

Dear Family,
Jon said something that I guess I didn't mention in my last email. So North Korea attacked South Korea a week or so ago, some islands up north. It was kind of big news, but since we are missionaries we didn't really get to see too much of it. But then when I asked people about it they basically said it was kind of big a deal because there were civilians who died as well, but at the same time Korea has never really not been in war, the war with North Korea never technically ended-- that's why every boy has to go to military service. Also it doesn't really effect me, I'm not that close, maybe like three or four hours away from the place where it happened, in America that is close, but in Korea it's not. It had something to do with the big G20 summit in Seoul where the top 20 biggest nation's leaders came and talked, I think there was something about rice and then after the attack America said they would help us out. How does it effect me? Not at all. It does probably mean though that Dad's original plans of coming to pick me up and then trying to drive through North Korea to China are probably a lot less likely though...
I realized today that it is December, which means that soon it will be Christmas. I taught our English class last week about Advent calendars and with my companion we have also been doing one that our mission president's wife gave us with scriptures and then suggestions of songs we sing for companionship study. In Korea Christmas is not really a big event, so I haven't seen any real decorations or anything. No worries, I still have every intention of Christmas carolling and bringing Christmas spirit!
It also means that in a couple of weeks you can call me! I know usually you have nothing to say, I'm a weird missionary who's life has nothing relate able or interesting, however, I thought maybe if I gave you fore notice then you could prepare something cool to tell me or you can think of a question you want to ask (although you can also do that every week when you email me).
Don't worry about sending me anything, I've been here for a year and if I've lived without it this long I can survive the last three months (shipping is so expensive, why did I ever ask you to send me anything...) If you still feel an innate desire to show your appreciation for me through some sort of monetary donation-- feel free to send to Mama and she can put it in my bank account ^^.
Something I would really love, I think I mentioned this before, but your conversion stories. How did you come to know the church was true?
Sister O'Bryan
Daejeon PO Box 38
Chungcheong bukdo 300-600
South Korea

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