Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 10 in Gwangju

Dear family,

This week was great, we got to hear from Elder Hallstrum (I am not certain on the spelling) at a mission conference. The attached picture is all of the sisters in the mission. Well, except for the ones whose heads were cut off. It was spiritually enriching and also I got to meet Sister Erickson who knew Jon before the mission. I guess they went to Bermuda or somewhere that starts with a B. It's funny how everyone seems to be interconnected, especially in Korea.

We have a lot of great investigators and we just made one who has English interest who owns a nail art shop. The first time that we met she showed us all of her amazing artwork and I think maybe one P-day we might go in and get our nails done. My vote is that we get pictures of God, Jesus, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and a temple, so that way we can do the testimony glove, except with our fingers. If you don't know what the testimony glove is you can probably look it up on

This morning as I was reading from Jacob 4 I thought a lot about records. Jacob is talking about how difficult it is to write because of the hardness of the plates and so he has to be very selective with what he writes. Because of this he is very specific in his purpose and very direct in the fact that it is for the benefit of his children and that they may know about Christ. I thought about how in our day it is a lot easier to write and to keep records- think about this email for example. Although I have limited time I can type pretty fast and so if I wanted to I could write quite a bit. But even with all of that it doesn't mean that our writings should be without purpose. I think that we still need to make and keep records of things that are most important to us, about the gospel about our testimonies and then we also need to share them. Maybe for our great great grandchildren, but also with those around us, our sisters (hint hint), our neighbors, our friends, whomever. So challenge of the week is to write down your testimony- in your journal, a Book of Mormon, a letter, it doesn't really matter- and then share it with someone.

I love you all and I love the gospel. I know that the Lord works through mysterious ways and that His ways are not ours. I know that He loves all of us and that the best way to show our love to Him is to show our love to others.

Sister O'Bryan

p.s. thank you for your letters and Sara/Susan, the package was AMAZING. I've already made probably 50 cookies with the chocolate chips that you sent and people love them. The pictures are also a great help.

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