Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to use a public bathroom:

-You can usually find bathrooms in most public areas, shopping centers, nice apartment complexes, hospitals, member's homes, but the thing you always have to check for is toilet paper, this is a real commodity
-Once you have found a sufficient bathroom then you have lots of choices of where you can relieve yourself. The three most common are listed below with their advantages:
*Squatter- they say that squatting helps your digestive system and if you haven't had enough kimchi this may be necessary. Also the flush handle is on the floor so you can just push it with your foot and not have to worry about germs
*Sitter- normal U.S. style toilet, if you are looking for something familiar you can always go for this
*Bidet- this has all the bells and whistles and sometimes even makes fun noises. You have to be careful though because there are usually a lot of buttons on it and if you hit the wrong one then the water may go the opposite direction that you wanted (if you get what I mean)

-Once you have relieved yourself you approach the sink. Most places have sinks, some just have a faucet out of the wall with a drain in the floor. Most also have soap, but most Koreans will not wash their hands. There is a quite ingenious system though of soap on a stick that I like best.

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  1. Yeah, I kind of like the squatters better for public restrooms, since you don't have to actually touch anything.