Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to ride a bus:

-Make sure that you buy a bus card before hand. It is not necessarily cheaper, it still costs $1 per ride, however, it allows you to make transfers for free if they are within an hour of the initial tap-on. There are all sorts of fun bus cards you can buy and usually you attach them to your wallet, cell phone, coin purse, or they can just be like a credit card so you can slide them into your wallet. (see picture)
-Before you get on the bus it is a good idea to know where you are going, the "bus maps" don't have a picture of the city, it is just one line with all the names of the bus stops on that particular line, so if you don't know where you are going exactly, you're pretty much out of luck
-Once you've found which buses will take you to your destination then you look at the electronic board with all the buses and how far away they are. This is really cool and probably my favorite part of the bus system, it automatically updates due to some supernatural forces and while standing at the bus stop you can usually do a lot of proselyting
-Once your bus arrives you have to run to make sure to get to the doors before the bus driver departs
-Scan your bus card
-Find a seat, if you can, or just stand. Usually during the day the bus isn't too busy, but if you get on at just the right time you may feel like a sardine with the large amount of people that are squished next to
-Hold on! The bus drivers are on a time schedule and it doesn't matter who has to get on or off, they have to be at the right stop at the right time. In fact, the way they navigate their bus it would seem like you are more on a motorcycle than a huge bus with 50 other people. They have made turns and passed cars that I would never be brave enough to do if I were driving. Sometimes we even run red lights, but that's not that unusual here
-Once you have reached your destination you can get off, hopefully, and thank your lucky stars your are still alive

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  1. Bus cards! That's different! (More expensive, too, I think. I'm trying to remember how much I usually paid. Around 400 won, maybe?) When I was in Gwangju they had metal bus tokens (like a little coin with a hole in the middle). Most cities had paper tickets.