Monday, January 11, 2010

How to teach English Class

*Make sure to distribute plenty of flyers with your name, number, and direction to the class. Plenty = 140 or more/week
*The night of get there a little early to set up (set up= pull out chairs... stand next to the door)
*Welcome everyone once they get there. Ages and English ability may vary greatly, but they are there to learn and to build jeong, so speak plenty of English
*Sing something in English, the funnest songs are ones with lots of weird long words, like the star-spangled banner
*Once everyone has completely given up on the song, open with a prayer
*Ask a "question of the day" something thought provoking, like "what is your favorite sport to play?" or "what is your favorite family tradition?"
*Take a short culture break and explain something unique to the U.S.-- last week I talked about the KKK
*Game Time! Koreans are fiercely competetive so antyhing that involves scoring works great. Usually we play jeopardy, pictionary, or hangman
*At any point feel fre to throw in random English words- i.e. coniferous, decidious, preternatural
*Make sure beforehand to look up idioms in your translator and share them- i.e. break a leg, story of my life
*End with a prayer and wish everyone a great night

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  1. I recall an event (I think it was FHE at the church) where the foreign missionaries put on an impromptu performance of "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" and got booed off the stage. Everyone's a critic.