Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Mission Fun

Dear Family,
I can never remember what I have or haven't told you from my scripture study so if you get repeats, well, just think of it as a sign or something.
I have been reading a lot in Alma lately. This might be because it is a very large book. We have a recent convertthat we visit from time to time who is also reading in Alma. She runs a small restuarant which, coincidentally enough, is also her house (not that unusual) and so when we went in to eat we saw her Book of Mormon on her table. It was all marked up with post it notes sticking out of almost every page. I was so impressed. So I asked her what they all meant. She is so pure. Instead of having some really great filing system or complicated method she just honestly said that one color was for complicated scriptures and another was for ones she liked. We asked her what her favorite scriptures were that she had read this week and she all the war ones, because they were really exciting. Also every time that we visit she takes my hands in hers and warms them up. I keep expecting the weather to be warmer so I don't always wear gloves and my hands are really cold when we drop by so she scolds me and then spends a few minutes warming them up on her face and in her hands.
That's why I love the gospel, because it is so applicable to everyone, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. We also met some Kenyans yesterday. They are these two just very hunble, open men who met missionaries in Busan and so wanted to meet us here in Chenon. Since there are no Elders in our area we get the privelage of teaching them. We brought them with us to our Korean class (we teach foreigners- aka. Americans as a service project). They just accepted everything that we taught, gospel, Korean, everything. It was the weirdest feeling to be teaching the gospel in my native tongue-- it felt a little awkward, but it was still really great. When I gave one of them a Book of Mormon he took it and said "It's so beautiful, thank you!" then I suggested that he read the Introduction before he comes to General Conference on Saturday and I think he misunderstood me because he said that he would try to finish the entire book by that time, but he wasn't sure if he had much time. I didn't correct him, because I figure if he is willing to do it then who am I to sop his spiritual progression?
Other exciting things from this week:
  • We made tofu with the Relief Society last Saturday. Now when I go home if I can find all the ingredients I can make it myself. It was a lot simpler than I thought, but since it was also in Korean I am not sure if I understood everything...
  • I found this neat Jesus mural while running the other morning
  • It's becoming spring and all the trees and bushes are full of flowers! It's gorgeous.
I love you all,
Sister O'Bryan

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