Sunday, July 4, 2010

The humidity as thick as my sweat

Dear family,
We received a new mission president this week which is pretty exciting, he seems really humbled at the opportunity and a little bit overwhelmed, but I suppose that's to be expected.
This week I wanted to share a couple of conversion stories from people in our wards, I thought they were pretty amazing so I thought you might as well.
Joebell is one of our members from the Phillipines. Two years ago, before she came to Korea to get married, she lived and worked in Hong Kong for a period of time. One day while she was on her way to cast her vote for the Philipine presidential elections she was stopped by an Elder. He asked her if she had some time where they could talk. She informed him that no, she was very busy and in fact had to rush before the election place closed. She continued to keep walking, but he followed her, begging for just 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes. She kept thinking about how annoying this kid was who wouldn't stop following her and then she looked back and realized that he was crying. She was so touched that she stopped and asked him for his phone number, she said she had no time but would call him later. He said in order for him to give her his phone number he would have to get hers in return. She quickly responded that she didn't have one. Being very persistent he said that she must at least have an address that he could come visit her at. He then started to tell her what she later realized were the first five articles of faith. She was really touched and intrigued so finally admitted that she did have a phone number and gave it to him.
Three days later he finally called her. By this time she says she had almost completely forgotten who he was, but from that ponit forward they started to meet and the missionaries would call her every day, two or more times every day. After about a week they would call at night and ask if they could sing her a song. She was baptized in a month.
I thought it was intense, I have never been quite as forward as that Elder or as persistent, but since then now every now and then my companion and I will call people and sing to them at night, members and investigators. It's actually really fun.
Another member in our ward told us about how when he was in High School he was walking home from school one day when these two boys in bikes and suits pulled up and asked him in a really disrespectful manner (in pan-mal) where he was going. He told them and then they literally threw a Book of Mormon at him, commanded him to read it, and rode off. He was really offended, but also really intrigued so he started to read it. He took it with him everywhere and read it on the bus and at school and all his friends were really interested to know what it was. He didn't really even know what it was, but later he ended up meeting with a different set of missionaries. They were really surprised to find out that he had already read the entire thing and had a testimony of it.
I have not yet instituted the Book of Mormon throwing into my proselyting approach...
For the Fourth of July at our English class we all celebrated by having human wheelbarrow races, guessing the 50 states contest (the most they could get was 20, most of them were actually cities, not states), water balloon throwing contest, and s'mores making. It was fun. What were some of the things you did to celebrate this year?
Love you all.
Sister O'Bryan
Daejeon PO Box 38
Chungcheong bukdo 300-600
South Korea

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