Saturday, July 24, 2010

And then the weather got warmer

Dear family,
In Korea they have what are called the 40 hottest days of summer, and then it gets progressively hotter and hotter, they are
  • 초박- Cho Back- begins July 19
  • 중박- Joong Back- begins July 29
  • 말박- Mar Back- Begins August 8
In other words, I thought it was hot before, but I had no idea. It's an interesting experience to have sweat constantly streaming down your face and to be a permanent shade of pink, but it's worth it. Also, Korea has cicadas and this is the year that they are out and about.
This week has been good, the usual, visiting members and less actives and investigators and wondering the streets in the rain with our large umbrellas talking to people at bus stops.
This morning with my companion we talked together about testimony. How a testimony is something that you can't just have, but that you have to constantly nourish and care for. I think it's because I was thinking about prophets and apostles and how they got to be that way, so stalwart and so strong and unwavering. But really the secret to success, to happiness, is not in the miracles and the grand occurences, but in the everyday things we do to remember who we are, remind ourselves of what is imporant and try to follow Christ.
One thing that I really liked to do before my mission was to go to the church website, and watch the various videos they have online. It was like a small spiritual snack whenever I felt down or unmotivated. So of course keep reading your scriptures, praying, all the other things you already do, but the challenge for this week is to take a look at LDS. org and let me know one thing that you really enjoy from it.
Also, what's up with everyone? Things I know (you can fill in the rest and send it to me):
  • Anna is going to Russia in the fall
  • Sara had twins (but I don't know how they are now, are they healthy? Still in the hospital? Are there more pictures? How are Sara/Ethan/Elise/Brett?)
  • Heidi is getting married.. in August?
  • Jon- graduated? In California? Getting his PhD?
  • Susan- moved? Visiting in Utah?
  • Lealani- In New York
  • Daddy/Natasha/Kentucky family- still in Kentucky... 열심히 waiting for me to finish so they can come visit Asia...
  • Josh- has a new job.. considering going to Cali? Katie?
  • Mom- doing well, I think...
  • Louis- taking classes in Utah, organizing brilliant math groups, working? preparing for college?
If there is anything else happening in anyone's life, feel free to let me know. I kind of have no access to that sort of information except through you, my lovely family.
Sister O'Bryan
Daejeon PO Box 38
Chungcheong bukdo 300-600
South Korea

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