Thursday, May 27, 2010

Elections--you can count on it

Dear family,
It is election season in Korea. This means everyone has their campaign trucks and is out on the street corners blaring loud music and dancing with their paid grandmas. It's probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Unlike in the USA instead of just two political parties there are somewhere around 30 and so there are a lot of street corners with dancing grandmas and people shouting through megaphones, other people dressed up in funny costumes passing out cards and shaking everyone's hand.
We also have transfers today, but I am staying with one of my companions so will probably be here in Junju for a long time (at least the next 12 weeks if not longer). The other day while we were visiting a less active member I came across what is now probably one of my favorite books ever. Because this is Korea and everyone wants to learn English it was of course in English and is called "The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business". It's this little mole and if I tell you any more than that it would ruin the story. So go to your nearest library and see if you can find a copy. It's so popular here in Korea that they even have a musical about it.
Spiritual enlightenment of the week- this past week I have been rereading last October's General Conference (because we STILL haven't received the one from May here in Korea...) and I was reminded of why I love our church. We have living apostles and a living prophet to lead and guide our church, how amazing is that?
Every time I read over General Conference I am reminded of that and I find something really neat that I didn't notice before. This morning I was finishing up the General Relief Society meeting and I read a talk from Sister Barbara Thomas (Thompson? I don't know). She talks about "Minding the Gap" and although I can't remember all of the talk there is one part that just made me laugh a lot. She talked about how at one point one of her coworkers asked her how she could still be so active in a church that put so much emphasis on marriage and family when she was single. She replied that the reason was that it is true- she could be just as single and just as childless outside of the church but wouldn't have the happiness of being a member. I hope that I am never her, however, if I never get married or have children or even if I do I hope that I can continue on as faithfully and strongly as she has.
Challenge of the week: Who is someone in your life who you really admire? Why? What are you going to do to be more like that person?
Another neat thing, my P-day is being switched to Monday. That means that I will be able to email you all again in... four days. Pretty cool. So if you act quickly you can finish the challenge of the week and reply before my next email!!! How exciting is THAT?!
I love you all.
Sister Rebecca O'Bryan

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