Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transfers, only upward arrows

Dear family,

So I am moving to 전언. It apparently has the biggest ward in the mission and the biggest apartment, it used to be a four man house but now it is just two sisters. I haven't seen it yet however because I am at the mission office meeting my new companion and what not.

And yet it's a very sad transfer because I had to leave all 12 of our progressing investigators. Last night I met for the last time with our progressing family, the two little girls are absolutely amazing. We gave them a story book of the Book of Mormon and asked them to read a chapter a week (two page spread of comics basically), but they ended up reading half of it last week! By themselves! Who does that! The saddest part is that we originally started meeting them because they had a lot of English interest and although they are starting to realize the importance of the gospel I am not sure if they will continue to meet with the missionaries now that I am leaving. The sister that is replacing me is from Mongolia and doesn't really know much English.

But I know that the Lord will take care of them. I prayed a lot after hearing about the transfer situation and I feel a lot of peace about everything. Maybe they will drop, most likely the Elders will teach them, and they are always in the Lord's hands.

I have no time to tell you more exciting things, but if anyone knows how I can contact Sam while he is in Korea, that would be great. I know he is only here for like another week and I only have one more p-day, but still that would be neat to possibly meet him for lunch, show him a little bit of Korea.

Love you all,

Sister O'Bryan

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