Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to 전도 (street proselyte):

  • Gather up your proselyting materials. Make sure to write your phone number on everything, place it all in your Book of Mormon. Materials usually include
    • lots of flyers with your ad/short message
    • church pamphlets
    • pass along cards
  • pray for guidance to find those who are ready and receptive and anyone that the Lord wants you to
  • Talk to everyone, some of the places we find people most often are
    • street corners
    • bus stops
    • peple walking the same direction
    • subways
    • on the bus, in the taxi
  • Remember your main goals
    • build a relationship of trust
    • teach a street lesson 길토론
    • make a return appointment
    • get their phone number
    • testify
    • give your phone number
    • get a referral 소개
  • Although you may not understand everything, they appropriate response is NOT to always smile and nod, that is how you propogate false doctrine. Be prepared for their response which usually include:
    • jumping away/ seeming very scared, I don't know why, we look really nice.
    • non-responsive (pretending they have a phone call, but you know they don't, listening to their music, etc)
    • smiling at your foreign face then turning sour when they see you are a missionary
    • telling you they are busy, attend church
    • ask you if you are the church that doesn't believe in Christ
    • pat your arm, call you beautiful and tell you to keep up the good work
    • excitement about your English program
  • To remember:
    • When approaching I usually siddle up next to them and say "I'm a missionary!" in a really excited voice
    • When handing things, like flyers, use both hands
    • wear warm clothes, otherwise you may freeze to death
    • Remember the words of my companion "I love mean people, it means Satan is working hard to keep us from those who really need us"

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