Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthdays and beaches

Dear family,
Yesterday a lot of us as missionaries got together and went to the beach. Although we couldn't swim we built sandcastles, played frisbee, ran to a lighthouse, ate raw fish and all the other things that correspond with it. But it also means I have no real time to write you an email, so I thought I would shoot you some pictures to let you know I am alive and tell you a quick story.
Last night after the beach we had to run to get to our appointment because we had set to have FHE with our ward mission leader and one of our recent converts. Except then everything seemed to go wrong, we couldn't pick him up, the WML was really angry, my legs were really hurting because they got a little sunburned, etc. I was more than a little concerned, but somehow it all worked out and we ended up having a pretty good time. Then as we were driving home our cute little recent convert looked at our WML and asked "Do you have FHE every week?" This boy is adorable, maybe 13 and the sweetest spirit ever. He has one older sister, but she already has 5 and 6 year old sons, so our convert acts more like he is a father than like a 13 year old boy. However, he has the sweetest spirit. Then when our WML said that yes they did, our convert looked at him again and asked timidly "Can I come next week too?"
Some people say that missionaries are like angels. I don't know about that, but I know that as a missionary I have definitely had the opportunity to see angels.
I love you all, have a great week.
Sister O'Bryan
Daejeon PO Box 38
Chungcheong bukdo 300-600
South Korea

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